Bracknell Based Personal Trainer

Hi I’m Luke and I am a personal trainer and weight loss coach and I train 1-2-1 clients out of Everyone Active at Bracknell Leisure Centre. I also run online coaching programs.

I help those who have tried many times to lose weight, and still can't shift it, lose weight for good and feel amazing in anything they wear with my ignite 247 method.

When your confidence and energy are on point, this then affects every other area of your life, so you could say that I am more than just a PT.

I’m now working from Everyone Active gym at Bracknell Leisure Centre:



This is my flagship results based program where we work together to ignite your confidence, energy and life. On ignite247 we have 3 systems, which will guarantee weight loss in the first 4 weeks, and we then start to create and build what we do into your life.

Easy To Follow System – This is our nutrition system where we keep it simple & easy to follow. A method of tracking that’s suits you and not a one way fits all, completely tailored to suit you. So you can still enjoy the food you eat, and still lose weight.

The Igniter – This is where I have simplified the whole process we follow into 4 things that we manage through mindset, and lifestyle habits. Making it easy for you and once you’re clear on what targets you have this WILL start getting you results. This in itself will ignite your motivation to achieve the success and results.

Get It Done – This is the accountability side of things where the real difference is made. Holding you to a high level of accountability to get the work done:

  • Unlimited 1-1 access to me on WhatsApp whenever you need me, so you have all the support you need to succeed.
  • Members area so you have people on the same journey as you supporting you and helping you along the way, so you’re never going it alone in your journey.
  • Unlimited 1-1 calls with me whenever you need them to ensure we overcome obstacles as soon as possible but also reflect and learn from them too.
  • Power check-ins – the more in-depth review so we can measure the other factors such as stress, recovery, events upcoming, wins so we’re always prepared and know exactly what we need to be doing and never left confused or procrastinating.

What we do works in this program because each of these pillars support each other to get YOU the best results.


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Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss

If you’re fed up of not seeing results with your weight loss, lacking confidence, not clear on what to do and you need a bit more direction then download my Ultimate guide to weight loss.

Here’s what you get:
  • A 16 page book on the simple steps to weight loss
  • All the confusion and BS you have about weight loss eliminated
  • How to work out your calories
  • How to still have a social life whilst on a diet
  • How to make better use of your time in the gym
  • BONUS: Includes my Tutorial on how to use MyFitnessPal to track food
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Nutritional guides

Often you find yourself never going out and socialising when you’re trying to lose weight because you feel like you will go off track. That’s when dieting becomes unsustainable. I’ve changed the game here with some simple Nutritional guides so you can plan ahead, eat out with your friends and stay on track. Every month 5 new guides are available, check out below which ones you want and have them for free.