Luke Randall Fitness

Bracknell Based Personal Trainer

I am a Personal Trainer & Coach in Bracknell. I specialise in weight loss for male and females aged 30+.

Working with me will get you feeling more confident, feeling more energetic, improving not just your waistline but your lifestyle, making sure you learn how to keep it that way and showing you how you can still enjoy life whilst still getting results.

The LRF Inner Circle

So first of all I have my members only facebook group in which I give you access to, only if you have me as your coach through One to One or in the 9 week weight loss program. It’s is a community of people who are all on a similar journey to you who work with me and you are able to share ideas, motivate each other, hold each other accountable and support one another through their journey, so you’re never going it alone.

I have 3 ways in which you can work with me. One to One Coaching. 9 Week Online Weight Loss Program. Group Coaching with myself and fellow experienced PT, Dan If you’d like to book a free consultation to discuss which option is best for you, please contact me directly.

One to One Sessions

One to One coaching isn’t just about being in the gym. If you want results, then it’s about your whole lifestyle and when you hire me as your coach, I will help you in all areas to ensure we get results across the board, but most of all what we do is sustainable.

What you will get with One to One coaching

– One to One Coaching so that you nail your gym session every time to maximise your results.

– Nutrition and diet coaching so that you are on track and not making the simple mistakes that everybody else makes.

– You’ll get a training program for the gym or at home, whichever you prefer so you get the most out of your exercise and can do it with confidence.

– You’ll get unlimited access to me as your coach so that any obstacle that comes up we tackle immediately and you’ll be able to stay consistent with the process.

– You’ll have access to my VIP members only online support group where you’ll have a powerful amount of support from people on the same journey as you so you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone.

– A powerful check-in and accountability system so that you do what you said you would.

– Access to my exclusive monthly recipe books so you never have to have a boring meal whilst dieting again.

One to One Pricing

1 Hour Sessions:

1 Session p/w – £220p/m (£55 per session)

2 sessions p/w – £380p/m (£47.50 per session)

3 Sessions p/w – £460p/m (£38.33 per session)

30 Minute Sessions:

2 Sessions p/w – £260p/m (£32.50 Per Session)

3 Sessions p/w – £340p/m (£28.30 Per Session)

4 Sessions p/w – £390p/m (£24.38 Per Session)

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Group Sessions

This is an in person group coaching with myself and another experienced PT called Dan. They run these sessions on a Monday and Thursday at 7pm. They are groups of 5 only so it is still personal training not just a class.

What you will get with Group coaching

– A gym/home workout program.

– Access to a group whatsapp with the other members.

– Weekly training/coaching sessions.

– Ability to have One to One meetings/chats with Dan or myself.

– Nutrition & Diet Coaching.

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9 Week Weight Loss Programme

Do you want to lose weight or be healthier? Join my 9 week weight loss programme and get access to my member’ only LRF inner circle, healthy recipes and One to One / at-home workouts. You’ll also get daily calorie and macro goals for your fitness journey. Don’t miss your chance for amazing results.

What you will get with the 9 Week Weight Loss Programme

– Step-by-step, day-by-day support and mentoring to guide you through the process.

– A powerful accountability and check-in system to do what you said you would.

– A private members only area where you have unlimited access to me as your coach.

– Weekly Thursday Booster to help power your way through the end of the week to prevent the weekend be your downfall.

– A gym or home workout program, whichever suits you best so you get the most of your exercise time.

– A 40 minute One to One coaching session with me so you can do that program and workout with confidence.

– You’ll have my very own MyFitnessPal tutorial keeping it so simple and clear, so you never have any problems with tracking your food.

– A weekly One to One Whatsapp catch up session with me to take down any obstacle that arises so you never go ‘off track’.

– Exclusive access to my monthly recipe books so you’ll never find dieting boring again.

9 Week Weight Loss Programme Pricing

One Off Cost – £119.00

Two Month Payment Plan – £65.00 per month

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Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss

If you’re fed up of not seeing results with your weight loss, lacking confidence, not clear on what to do and you need a bit more direction then download my Ultimate guide to weight loss.

Here’s what you get:
  • A 16 page book on the simple steps to weight loss
  • All the confusion and BS you have about weight loss eliminated
  • How to work out your calories
  • How to still have a social life whilst on a diet
  • How to make better use of your time in the gym
  • BONUS: Includes my Tutorial on how to use MyFitnessPal to track food
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Nutritional guides

Often you find yourself never going out and socialising when you’re trying to lose weight because you feel like you will go off track. That’s when dieting becomes unsustainable. I’ve changed the game here with some simple Nutritional guides so you can plan ahead, eat out with your friends and stay on track. Every month 5 new guides are available, check out below which ones you want and have them for free.